Inspirational Indulgence

Photographic and videographic memory allows my designs to manifest into wearable works of art entrenched with deeper meaning, reaching beyond the innate beauty of each very special piece.  Envisioning abstract concepts and bringing them to life is my source of creative empowerment and contribution to the world, showcased in delectable designs for those who have a keen eye for the divine.

Thoughtful Curated Collections: The Center of Our World

Daydreams filled with nature-inspired abstract shapes and patterns are the cornerstone of my collections. Each piece becomes the main focal point of attraction, celebrate a lifestyle brand of inclusivity that is well within your reach.

  • Expand your wardrobe with timeless concepts amplified by undeniable luxury–build your look one purchase at a time for a capsule collection of your own making.
  • A combination of luxurious fabric, distinctive femininity, high-end tailoring, and affordability creates one-of-a-kind pieces for any moment.
  • Feminine, flirty meet edgy concepts that are of the moment, blending classic looks with chic trends only defined by your personality
  • Everyone should have access to high-quality fashion. High-end tailoring mingles with sophisticated designs available at various price points for your shopping convenience.

A Fashionable Heart: Our Background

Fashion has always been a part of me, embedded in my heart, and in everything I do, as a means of expressing myself with unfiltered excitement, endless imagination, and boundless creativity.

I was fortunate to be exposed to many cultures throughout my upbringing, entrenched within the fashion industry. Growing up in Lebanon, I assisted my grandfather at his shoe factory, honing my skills at the very young age of 9. My grandfather was a professional shoe designer and shoemaker, opening me up to fashion using innovative, hands-on techniques. These memorable experiences would shape my part in the incredible world of design awaiting discovery.

When I was 12 years old, my grandfather passed. This life change forced me to move to Australia, where I continued to work at my uncle's shoe boutique. My mother later opened her fashion boutique, where I worked as a buyer.

I continued to pursue a career in fashion, daring to step outside my family unit with my first job at the Italian luxury boutique Casanova. Then later at another luxury brand, Bronx & Banco, as a wholesale manager.

The Inception

Gaining years of professional experience, I opened my first boutique, Bella Bella La Emporium in 2020, originally located on the sunshine coast Maroochydore in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately, due to life's sudden, unforeseen events of the pandemic, I was forced to move back to Sydney. I didn't give up my hopes, wishes, and dreams--instead, I launched my fashion label online in 2022, catering to a worldwide audience with instant attainability.

I believe it is a woman's right to feel sophisticated and glamorous, any time and on their own terms, defining each day and moment with effortless confidence.